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Anime Central 09 Loot

First of all, ACEN was a blast! I’ll totally have some photos up of the con itself in a day or so. So for I decided to post all the loot I got during the Saturday I was there. I spent $155 aka all my money I brought with me. The most expensive item I bought was my Yoko t-shirt for $45 bucks, which was so worth it as I had been dying for a Yoko shirt.

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Anime Central – My first con!

Marking today is the the start of Anime Central 2009! Sadly, I can’t go until tomorrow, and only tomorrow. (Which really sucks since I worked so hard on my Amu Hinamori cosplay… but it’s better then nothing. ^^;; )

Anyways, yes I’ve been to Japan, Akihabara, etc. but not a convention! Last year, I left for Japan the day of the con, and it was too late to change the flight. Of course Japan was probably the better choice, but it made me miss ACEN last year. The only reason why I can only go to ACEN one day this year, is because I’m getting a ride by my friend. My dad had a very unexpected trip to Australia… or else I would have gone all 3 days. My mom on the other hand, does not want to drive. Period.

But, Saturday is a good day to go to a con still! I’m hoping to look into other cons before the end of the year since my ride got messed up for ACEN. My dad has been known for driving me to a Pokemon convention that was like 7 hours away because we would be out of town when it came to my city. So, I’m sure I can still find some other con to go to this year. =P

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