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Pokemon HeartGold & SoulSilver Walkthrough

While my blog has been inactive, I have been doing a little SoulSilver Walkthrough with some videos on YouTube. Just in case you wanted to check them out, I’d thought I’d link them here. I am doing the videos with my friend Robby (xobybr), so that is why I don’t have all the gym leaders and such. (He got the other version, HeartGold.) Though, I have been a bit busy last week so I haven’t posted any new vids in a week, but bare with me. Once I finish my videos I will be translating some things to help anyone who needs it so look forward to it! Links are under the cut.

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Christmas Loot 2008

Hope everyone is having a good Christmas! I sure am. (Besides the fact I broke the screen on my mom’s camera and my throat feels like someone shoved a knife into it.) Above is all the loot I just obtained. I also got a Pokemon DS Lite, but I got that early back in August due to it was a limited edition. Though, I forgot to put the DS Lite in the picture so oh well. Now for a few pictures. :3

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The Story of the Luminous Arc 2 art book

On November 19th, 2008, I went to recieve my pre-ordered copy of Luminous Arc 2. If you pre-ordered the game, you recieved a free beautiful 60 page art book with amazing art from both games. Sounds great, doesn’t it? The main reason why I pre-ordered it. So I go to my Game Stop to pick up my game… and they never received their art books. I was about to go out on a murder rampage.

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Luminous Arc 2 Released

As you all know the shipping date was yesterday. GameStop called me yesterday to tell me they would have the game in-stock today. So go pick up Luminous Arc 2 and your free artbook (if you pre-ordered the game.) Though due to I’m in debt, this game turned into my Christmas present. So I will not be able to play it until then… but everyone else, enjoy the game! :3

Dragonite Giveaway @ Toys “R” Us

From November 8th-9th Toys “R” Us will be giving away free level 50 Dragonite! Of course I’ll be going to show off my Pokemon Platinum~

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