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Guess who’s back!

Guess who’s back and ready to kick butt? : D

My poor, ignored blog. After all these months, and after my friend bought me domain… I hardly used it. I feel bad about it, but that’s the past now. I can make it up now. :3

I haven’t gotten much stuff lately due to my debts, but I’ll look back on some things I got awhile ago and review them. Also, please link back to the blog with wordpress included in the link for the time being. I don’t even have the money to renew it at the moment but I hope to before March ends. XD;;

And the Miku you see above means I mean serious business. The Otaku Shelf is back~ Please look forward to it as ACEN 2010 slowly comes around the corner in the next 2 months. (The picture also hints a cosplay I might be doing.) >:3


A Break From Winter

Finally we’re getting some warm weather! Well, it’s only 50-60 degrees but it’s a lot better then 0 degrees! The fresh air has been great, I always have trouble breathing through all that cold air. I’m even wearing shorts right now! ❤

I would love to do a figma photo shoot outside, but it keeps raining. I’m going to be depressed when it gets cold again, it is really only February but… well… I can always hope it will stay this way just for a little bit longer…

Back to School

Well, Christmas break is over now and it’s that time again. Everything just seemed to go by so quickly. I’m not really looking forward to school but I hope I can get back into it easily. (Since I’m homeschooled, my mom usually checks my books before school starts up again but she hasn’t yet… ^^;; ) I was a bit lazy on my break I have to admit, but I really loved the break since I did school all summer long. Now, just to mention a few things I got with my Christmas money and what I did during my break.

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Snow Days…

Earlier this morning our town got completely covered with snow. I had ice skating at 5:30am but our town told us not to even drive outside at that time. So I got some extra sleep with my kitty. All the schools were canceled, though that doesn’t count for me since I’m homeschooled. My mom has no mercy, haha. Though I did have a writing class but that had to be canceled as well. Our town claimed our roads would be crystal clear, but they still had quite a bit of snow on them…

I know nothing really interesting happened on my snow day, but has anyone else gotten snow yet for those who are in the winter season? I doubt all the snow here will melt anytime soon, so we’re sure to have a white Christmas. :3

(btw, look forward to some of my Christmas loot coming up, will be doing some reviews~ hehe.)

The Story of the Luminous Arc 2 art book

On November 19th, 2008, I went to recieve my pre-ordered copy of Luminous Arc 2. If you pre-ordered the game, you recieved a free beautiful 60 page art book with amazing art from both games. Sounds great, doesn’t it? The main reason why I pre-ordered it. So I go to my Game Stop to pick up my game… and they never received their art books. I was about to go out on a murder rampage.

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