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Anime Central 09 Loot

First of all, ACEN was a blast! I’ll totally have some photos up of the con itself in a day or so. So for I decided to post all the loot I got during the Saturday I was there. I spent $155 aka all my money I brought with me. The most expensive item I bought was my Yoko t-shirt for $45 bucks, which was so worth it as I had been dying for a Yoko shirt.

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Little Umbrella Yoko

Last Friday I went to a talent show at my church, and they happened to have a hawaiian theme going on for the lunch. I managed to save this very cute umbrella I got with my drink when my mom said it would look very good with my figures! She told me Yoko would probably look the best with it, and she sure was right! (Though Lelouch would look hillarious with it. XD) The minute I set up this pose I took a picture…. with flash. This morning I tried to do a quick photo shoot before school but they all ended up blurry since the lighting was awful. Hopefully some sun comes out so I can take a picture of her like this outside! She’s just so cute. I’m totally getting more of these umbrellas. ❤

The 2nd Nendoroid

Nendoroid Yoko is finally here! I was originally going to show Fate opening the box, but I got impatient as I haven’t gotten a figure since Christmas. Haruhi also got pretty upset since it took me well over a year to get another nendoroid. ^^;; So until I get a nice photo review, enjoy the following photos for now. :3

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Yoko Ritona Nendoroid (GSC) – Get!

First of all, I’m back. My blog died somewhat so I’m very sorry for that. I haven’t been really getting any new figures due to lack of money. Anyways, just a day ago I finally pre-ordered my Yoko Ritona nendoroid! I was going to get her on Kid Nemo, however, suddenly Kid Nemo raised her price by $20 bucks. (Not joking, check for yourself here.) Not wanting to pay that much, I got her from Play-Asia. So she should ship sometime this month! Yay!


Oh, and just to note I’ve been trying to work on the new header for the blog. I will try to have that up sometime this month. Sorry again for going inactive. ^^;;

Christmas Loot 2008

Hope everyone is having a good Christmas! I sure am. (Besides the fact I broke the screen on my mom’s camera and my throat feels like someone shoved a knife into it.) Above is all the loot I just obtained. I also got a Pokemon DS Lite, but I got that early back in August due to it was a limited edition. Though, I forgot to put the DS Lite in the picture so oh well. Now for a few pictures. :3

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figma Christmas 2008

Sorry this took awhile for me to get up, so I decided to save it for Christmas. Originally figma Fate was going to join in but she became a Christmas present. This is just a big Christmas photo shoot I did with my figmas back in November. It all starts out with Haruhi wanting to decorate some Christmas trees. Enjoy~

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Miku Hatsune 1/8 Scale (GSC) – Get!

Today I ordered Miku Hatsune 1/8 Scale by Good Smile Company! As I said before,  Konjiki no Yami was my first 1/8 scale figure order. I will be getting her first so I can say she counts as the first 1/8 scale figure I’ll own. ❤

I’m sure you’ve all seen pictures of her already and I will be doing a photoshoot. But if you do wish to see more pictures as of right now check her out on the Good Smile Company website.

If you are interested in Miku, I got mine from Kid Nemo. :3

Oh, and as for blog updates: Sorry for the lack of updates. I’ve been rather too busy. But check back soon, I should have my Christmas stuff up soon, some reviews, etc. For now enjoy the Christmas blog header. =P

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