Here’s the first review of 2010: DBSK/TVXQ/Tohoshinki’s single, BREAK OUT! (And my adorable Cyndaquil plushie which is off-topic.) I was finally able to snag my copy today at Mitsuwa, and it is officially the first CD I own of TVXQ so it will be very special. As you can see above I will be reviewing the limited edition that includes both CD and DVD. So if you will, follow after the cut!

Here we have the cover, which I think is very smexy. I love the ‘breaking through’ pose. It suits the song very well. ❤

And here we have the back and you can see how much I paid for it. But, it was so worth every penny.

Here we have the inside. The disc on the right is the DVD.

Removing the booklet reveals the CD on the left. Now if you’re reading this review wondering who these boys are, in Japan they are known as Tohoshinki. However, they are actually Korean. And in South Korea they are known at DBSK (Dong Bang Shin Gi) or TVXQ (Tong Vfang Xien Qi).

Here’s a card that I believe only comes with the limited edition obviously. I’m going to put it up somewhere in my room later, haha. The black and white thing is just advertisement. I love Junsu’s pose here. He’s the boy on the far left. (He’s pretty much my fav. TVXQ member atm. He’s so adorable.)

Here are all the contents included in the limited edition.

And finally the whole outside of the booklet! Now you’re probably wondering, what kind of song is “BREAK OUT!”? Its an awesome R&B. TVXQ mostly does pop, R&B and dance. If you like any of that sort of music, you should totally check them out. Its a song that has powerful lyrics and really gets pumped to break through. I love the beat of it, it gets me motivated! : D

Below is the PV that was on the DVD, I recommend giving it a listen~

Also on the DVD was an off shoot which I have below in English subs.

And that concludes the review! In a future post I may talk more about TVXQ, but for please give the song a listen and thanks for reading! ^^


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