Anime Central 09 Loot

First of all, ACEN was a blast! I’ll totally have some photos up of the con itself in a day or so. So for I decided to post all the loot I got during the Saturday I was there. I spent $155 aka all my money I brought with me. The most expensive item I bought was my Yoko t-shirt for $45 bucks, which was so worth it as I had been dying for a Yoko shirt.

A little closer look at the smaller things I bought. My badge/pass for the con was $35, nendoroid Kaito was $38, Yoko mug was $12, and Yoko cell phone charm was $8.

I was so happy I managed to get an autograph! (Of course it was free, along with the poster, program guide, etc. viewed in the first picture I took.) Surpringly, there was no one in line for Chiaki Takahashi! I was in shock seeing her there waiting for people to come so I snagged her autograp, and a photo of her with me which I shall post later. =3

Another angle of my loot. The Code Geass wallscroll was $16 bucks.

A closer view of my extremely cute Yoko cell phone charm! ❤

Overall I am very very happy with my loot, but of course I wanted everything I saw in the dealer’s room! hehe.


4 Responses to “Anime Central 09 Loot”

  1. 1 phossil May 12, 2009 at 10:03 am

    Impressive Loot you got!! I like Yoko’s mug and the wallscroll you have in there too!

  2. 2 Spirit Rubi May 13, 2009 at 3:00 pm

    @phossil: Yeah the dealer’s room was so amazing! Though a lot of the booths had the same things. ^^;;

    Just used the Yoko mug this afternoon. ❤ hehe, I drink a lot of coffee so maybe I should collect more anime mugs. =P And I put up the wallscroll up on Monday, but it makes me want another… but I don’t know where it would fit on my wall. That one barely fit by a few cms. XP

  3. 3 NanoZero May 13, 2009 at 4:32 pm

    Nice loot! The Yoko phone charm is really cute. I’m surprised Kaito was there.(I’m still waiting for mine.)

    I try not to spend too much money at the cons but its really hard and I end up being disappointed in not grabbing more.

  4. 4 Spirit Rubi May 14, 2009 at 11:36 am


    Most figures that were up to date there were the nendoroids. (Not so much the others.) They had nendoroid Yoko, Kaito, Lousie, etc. which are still all very new. So it was a surprise seeing those. =3

    I try to avoid things that aren’t imported unless shipping costs a leg for the item. I avoided all books since I have a Japanese bookstore by me as well, so that would have been kinda pointless. Though, the wallscroll and the phone charm were US releases, but I got them anyway since the charm was small and I was looking for that wallscroll for awhile. (It was the same price as online so I pretty much avoided shipping.)

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