The Otaku Shelf’s Official Mascot


I’ve been working on her for awhile now, hehe~ Actually since I made the blog, but I kept it a secret. Her name is Asuka (明日香). Asuka Natsumi (夏美 明日香) to be exact. Her beautiful twin tails are red, while she has adorable pink eyes. (Actually, I got her colors from my room, red, pink, and white.) ❤

Asuka will not only be a mascot, she will also be my maid for my blog. Now what do I mean by a maid? Of course she’ll wear this cute little maid outfit later (I drew her nudes in case I wanted to use the pose again for another outfit.), but why? Well, I thought since the blog is named “The Otaku Shelf”, we need a maid to clean all those otaku shelfs, yes? So there is the purpose of Asuka, a mascot and a maid. 

Right away I wanted a mascot so I could have originals headers created by me and such. Though, for the time being I Photoshop’ed a Konata banner, and now we have the silly Lulu candyman banner until Christmas is over. Asuka shall be up sometime in January so look forward to it. And yes, Asuka is drawn by me obviously. ^^


2 Responses to “The Otaku Shelf’s Official Mascot”

  1. 1 phossil December 17, 2008 at 10:51 am

    I cant wait to see Asuka in action.
    Great drawning skills!!

  2. 2 53RG10 December 31, 2008 at 11:02 pm

    Asuka…twin tails…red hair…

    Reminds me of a certain Evangelion pilot! 😉

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