The Story of the Luminous Arc 2 art book

On November 19th, 2008, I went to recieve my pre-ordered copy of Luminous Arc 2. If you pre-ordered the game, you recieved a free beautiful 60 page art book with amazing art from both games. Sounds great, doesn’t it? The main reason why I pre-ordered it. So I go to my Game Stop to pick up my game… and they never received their art books. I was about to go out on a murder rampage.

So I picked up the game anyway and they told me to check back in a few days to see if they would get them or not. I went back home only to find many other people didn’t get their art books as well, I was going crazy. I know I sound stupid but I really wanted that art book. So first thing next morning, I circled every single last Game Stop in it and used the store locater on their site. I called six Game Stops total before I finally found with the art book though I was going to call all twelve. But anyways, yes I got my art book! I was so happy!

I know it’s kinda pointless blogging about this but I’m just so happy I got it. Though I did go through some pretty funny experiences calling up these stores. For example:

Me: *calls*

Women: *sounds like she just woke up out of bed* Er, oh hi… um… oh yeah this is game stop… how can… *voice gets really low and quiet*

Me: *couldn’t really understand her mumbles so I just started talking* Yes, I was wondering if you had any art books left for Luminous Arc 2. It was a special bonus item if you pre-ordered the game.

Women: Oh… what game?…

Me: Luminous Arc 2.

Women: Alright… let me look for a bit… *hears her looking for drawers for a minute* Nope… I don’t see any… I just started working here this week and all. So uh.. yeah…

Me: Ah, thanks anyways. *hangs up*

I guess it doesn’t sound funny if you read it, but her voice… oh geez. Seriously! She pretty much forgot she was working there at first!

Anyways, been pretty busy with homework and papers. Hopefully I will make more interesting posts then this soon. ^^;;


1 Response to “The Story of the Luminous Arc 2 art book”

  1. 1 phossil November 24, 2008 at 12:04 pm

    It sounds funny, believe me, because it actually happens a lot. Incredible.

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