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Shinshi Doumei Cross Vol. 11 Review

For people who don’t know, I’m a huge fan of Arina Tanemura. I meant to post this Sunday, sorry about that. I went to Mitsuwa to order the limited edition of vol. 11, so I figured I’d buy the normal edition while I waited for it to come in. Turns out, they had it on a shelf behind the register so of course I bought it! That was right after I made the order too, the guy working there also laughed when I pointed it out. Anyways, let’s review~

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The Story of the Luminous Arc 2 art book

On November 19th, 2008, I went to recieve my pre-ordered copy of Luminous Arc 2. If you pre-ordered the game, you recieved a free beautiful 60 page art book with amazing art from both games. Sounds great, doesn’t it? The main reason why I pre-ordered it. So I go to my Game Stop to pick up my game… and they never received their art books. I was about to go out on a murder rampage.

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Luminous Arc 2 Released

As you all know the shipping date was yesterday. GameStop called me yesterday to tell me they would have the game in-stock today. So go pick up Luminous Arc 2 and your free artbook (if you pre-ordered the game.) Though due to I’m in debt, this game turned into my Christmas present. So I will not be able to play it until then… but everyone else, enjoy the game! :3

Lelouch goes exploring…

As you know from the post below, I have my figma Lelouch now. So after he was out of the box, I thought I’d show him around the house. Lelouch decides to explore our house… with a gun… and his geass…

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Oh my, what’s this~

I wonder what it could be…

Konata and Haruhi decide it’s time to find out what’s inside. So Haruhi used her sword to cut open the box and Konata just jumped in.

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Never order from this online store unless you wish to wait for 6 months of pain… one of the main reasons my figma Lelouch has yet to arrive.

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Dragonite Giveaway @ Toys “R” Us

From November 8th-9th Toys “R” Us will be giving away free level 50 Dragonite! Of course I’ll be going to show off my Pokemon Platinum~

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