This cat is amazing…

This cat is amazing...

I’m jealous of such outstanding art skills…



Here’s the first review of 2010: DBSK/TVXQ/Tohoshinki’s single, BREAK OUT! (And my adorable Cyndaquil plushie which is off-topic.) I was finally able to snag my copy today at Mitsuwa, and it is officially the first CD I own of TVXQ so it will be very special. As you can see above I will be reviewing the limited edition that includes both CD and DVD. So if you will, follow after the cut!

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Guess who’s back!

Guess who’s back and ready to kick butt? : D

My poor, ignored blog. After all these months, and after my friend bought me domain… I hardly used it. I feel bad about it, but that’s the past now. I can make it up now. :3

I haven’t gotten much stuff lately due to my debts, but I’ll look back on some things I got awhile ago and review them. Also, please link back to the blog with wordpress included in the link for the time being. I don’t even have the money to renew it at the moment but I hope to before March ends. XD;;

And the Miku you see above means I mean serious business. The Otaku Shelf is back~ Please look forward to it as ACEN 2010 slowly comes around the corner in the next 2 months. (The picture also hints a cosplay I might be doing.) >:3

Pokemon HeartGold & SoulSilver Walkthrough

While my blog has been inactive, I have been doing a little SoulSilver Walkthrough with some videos on YouTube. Just in case you wanted to check them out, I’d thought I’d link them here. I am doing the videos with my friend Robby (xobybr), so that is why I don’t have all the gym leaders and such. (He got the other version, HeartGold.) Though, I have been a bit busy last week so I haven’t posted any new vids in a week, but bare with me. Once I finish my videos I will be translating some things to help anyone who needs it so look forward to it! Links are under the cut.

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Yoko -『S・t・a・r・S』MV

Finally! I waited so long for this to be released! ❤ (Though I don’t get my copy for at least another week due to the shipping process.) As if you didn’t already guess, I love Yoko! (And of course Gurren Lagann.) Check out the full music video below, I’ll have my review up once I recieve it in the mail.

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Anime Central 09 Loot

First of all, ACEN was a blast! I’ll totally have some photos up of the con itself in a day or so. So for I decided to post all the loot I got during the Saturday I was there. I spent $155 aka all my money I brought with me. The most expensive item I bought was my Yoko t-shirt for $45 bucks, which was so worth it as I had been dying for a Yoko shirt.

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